Yoga for the over 40’s

Yoga for the over 40’s

Women in their 40’s generally are juggling careers, often working late, have family life, running a household, organising the gardening service, social engagements and many other stressors. They have very little time for their own personal health and wellbeing and often experience stress-related issues including difficulty sleeping, a stiff achy body, high blood pressure, weight gain and other health issues…

Does this sound like you too? Are you over 40 and feeling:

• As if you’re always on the run
• Never any down time for you
• Feeling the effects of stress
• Back aching
• Struggling
• Overwhelmed

From personal experience I can say that I’ve experienced all of the above and it was yoga that helped save my sanity!

I literally dragged myself mentally kicking and screaming to my first yoga class and have never looked back – it was the best thing ever for me!

I looked forward to my weekly class because it was something just for me and furthermore I was surprised the profound effect of just practicing weekly that the stretching, relaxing breathing exercises we did and just being still had on my body. I coped so much better with managing stress and found my flexibility improved as well as my concentration.

Live life! Live Yoga – it’s perfect for the over 40’s!!


“I love the QiYoga classes you run Jen. You have a great positive energy and the way you run the class is probably one of the best yoga classes I’ve been to. I enjoy the fact that every week is a new work out and I look forward to the tapping etc. Time just flies by. I come out of it knowing I’ve had a strong workout. You certainly have great warmth, and so much energy to offer us. It’s great.”
Robyn P. Wilson, WA

Yoga classes in our 40’s are not about turning ourselves inside out to resemble a pretzel if we’ve got physical limitations.

It’s about Mindful movements.

Just the fact you’ve spent an hour a week doing some light stretching, breathing and just having time to yourself you’ll notice you’ll be calmer and feeling more peaceful.

In turn, you will leave class able to get more done with a clearer head, sleep better, have an improved immune system (less chance of becoming run down or getting sick so easily). Best of all, what makes QiYoga so special is it energises you without exhausting you first!

My classes cater for the over 40’s

However if you’d like one or two private sessions before attending class, I’m more than happy to visit your home or you may prefer to come to my apartment in Subiaco.

Do make the commitment though to attend at least four classes. I have a Beginner’s Class pass to get you acquainted with QiYoga – you’ll love it!

Yoga routine for over 40’s

The Five Tibetans Yoga Routine is a fantastic way to keep fit and energised. Brought to you by Fiona Kacz-Boulton, QiYoga Founder, London, UK:

Physical Benefits of QiYoga when Over 40

• You’ll sleep better
• Tones and firms
• Long, lean muscles without bulking-up
• Strengthens bones helping to prevent osteoarthritis
• Creates a stronger, more flexible spine and core
• Enhances mobility, agility and stamina
• Relieves back pain and joint stress
• Burn calories
• Experience less chronic pain
• Reduce hypertension
• Meet like-minded people
• Enjoy a cuppa after class

Mental Benefits of QiYoga

• Improves feeling of wellbeing
• Enhance stress coping abilities
• Improves confidence and self esteem
• Lifts your mood
• Mental relaxation


• I have a mat available for you however if you wish to purchase your own invest in a good quality yoga mat
• If you have health issues do check with your doctor or physio prior to starting yoga
• Come to class with an open mind!

QiYoga is the gentle fusion of chi-gung* with classical Hatha yoga and meditation.
• Traditional Chinese tradition alleviating stress, anxiety and clearing blocked energies

By Jen Kaz

– QiYoga Instructor, Yoga Mentor for QiYoga® Teacher Training, Yoga and Meditation Retreat Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, Fertility Yoga Instructor, Seniors Yoga Instructor

Jen Meditating QiYoga Perth


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