Yoga for Back and Hip Support

Yoga for Back and Hip Support

Lately I’ve noticed more and more people coming to class with lower back pain so I thought I’d let you know the advantages of getting those hip joints moving.

I’m Jen Kaz, yoga teacher, bringing calmness, balance and over all body strength to you in weekly hatha yoga classes. I also specialise in Seniors Yoga and Fertility Yoga.

This week’s tip on how to improve your balance and remove lower back pain is to improve movement of your hip flexors.

How Tight Hip Flexors Create A Sore Lower Back

Your hip flexor’s main function is to help your hip joints move. The hip flexors help you draw your leg up and down, sideways and backwards. This is the muscle group that acts as a bridge connecting your upper torso to your lower torso.

With tight, stiff or short hip flexors you could be experiencing pain in your lower back because tight hip flexors pull your pelvis into an unnatural forward tilt, affecting your balance or bringing on lower back pain.

Specific Yoga For Back Care and Tight Hips

During my QiYoga classes (a therapeutic and refreshing combination of Qigong and Hatha) we gently stretch and hold asanas to lengthen our hip flexors to keep them loose and supple.  Triangle pose, wind release pose pigeon pose are just a few poses to help release tight hip flexors.

Triangle Pose

For Relieving and Preventing Lower Back Pain

Wind Release Pose

For Relieving and Preventing Lower Back Pain

(Pictured at the top of this post!)

 Different Variations of Pigeon Pose 

For Relieving and Preventing Lower Back Pain


Looking forward to seeing you in class!

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Written by Travelling Yogi Jen Kaz
Jen is a QiYoga® teacher who has taught in the UK and Australia since 2009. Jen has a gentle and nurturing approach to yoga with a fun and playful sense of humour. Each student feels welcomed and supported in her classes and yoga retreats. Jen enjoys travelling and writing about her travels: living yoga both on and off the mat.

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