Ways to Boost Happiness – Top 20 Ways To Make Me Happy

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Happiness Test

Are you happy?

Happiness is defined as a mental or emotional state of wellbeing.
Rate yourself out of 10. Giving yourself a rating of 8 or above means you are a happy person: a well being!
  1. Do you wake up feeling positive?
  2. Do you have a positive, optimistic attitude toward things?
  3. Do you have a consistently pleasant emotional state?
  4. Do you feel content with your relationships?
  5. Do you feel content with your job/daily life routine?
  6. Do you feel content with your energy levels?
  7. Do you feel content with your level of fitness?
  8. Do you feel content with your health?
  9. Do you feel intense joy?
  10. Do you feel like laughing often?

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Many of us allow our feeling of happiness to dampen due to external pressures

  • These pressures can come from ourselves
  • These pressures can come from our family
  • These pressures can come from our jobs
It does not matter where the pressure is coming from, it is about learning ways to overcome the things that make us feel anything less than fantastic!

Ways to Boost Happiness

Top 20 Ways To Make Me Happy

  • Change thoughts – meditation is key to giving tools that change mindset, read ways you can meditate
  • Change emotions – mastering emotions means they can no longer control wellbeing and happiness
  • Choose chocolate – chocolate triggers the brain to release endorphins and feelings related to orgasmic sex

Dark chocolate

  • Change mindset – morning manifestation techniques reshape mindset and manifest happiness, learn how here
  • Choose effective ways to manage stress – (Does not include reading or watching TV) – meditation and mindfulness practices are most beneficial
  • Change your environment to one that gets you more sun exposure! Sunshine is key to happiness.  Vitamin D is a feel good hormone that helps you function better.  You can consume Vitamin D supplements but these are not as effective as 20 minutes a day in the sunshine (without suncream) ideally between 11:00am – 3:00pm
  • High Intensity exercise – This is a fantastic way to keep fit, boost feel good hormones in the body and only takes a few minutes to do! Short bursts of high intensity exercise over a short period of time with lots of breaks.
  • Choose to be around humour – funny people or movies

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Hope you feel inspired to make a few life changes to boost your levels of joy!

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