The Travelling Yogi Bush Walk

Here’s a yogi tale about my recent bush walk

Having walked in Kalamunda the previous weekend I was keen to do more bush walking. Girlfriend Lisa said she’d love to join me, and as she’s previously walked the Camino de Santiago I thought I was in good company with a well-experienced walker.

We set out on our adventure from the Perth Hills Discovery centre on what we thought would be a gorgeous little 9km circuit … well, it was supposed to be. Little did we know our 9km short walk was soon going to turn into what felt like a 90km death march!

The sun was shining with a few rain clouds hovering

Well prepared for our little walk, we had all the essentials! Wet weather gear, water and a little food for morning tea.

30-minutes into our walk we stopped at Bell’s Shelter

This is one of the Bibbulmun Track shelters and tucked in to our rations. Cauliflower cake with a fresh lemon and ginger tea.

As we sipped our warm tea we chatted and laughed that it was funny that the Bell’s Shelter wasn’t on our map … if only we knew then that it wasn’t on our map for good reason!

According to our book we’d take about 3 hours although we figured less time as we’re both pretty fit and figured we’d be back to the car by 2.00 at the latest.

The walk through the bush was stunning

Already little purple flowers popping up and the brightest of yellow flowers too. The bush will be abundant with colour in spring. Lots of grass trees, banksias, zamias and even passed the state pine plantation.

We walked on wide gravel roads and other areas narrow rocky paths with tree roots criss-crossing. One section was quite rocky with a stream running between huge granite boulders.

Well into our walk I asked Lisa if she thought we’d been walking longer than 2 hours. She had been thinking the same and together we realized that we weren’t meant to be following the Wagyl. It was never our plan to walk on the Bibbulmum Track!

We’d been talking and so pre-occupied with our surroundings that time just disappeared. Lisa looked for her compass. She always takes her compass and whistle when she walks. But not this time!! However she did find her pendulum!

We really couldn’t tell east from west, or north from south as the sky was totally covered with dark grey ominous cloud. She swung the pendulum and we began to retrace our steps but you know as beautiful as the Australian bush is it’s featureless, this made our backtracking challenging.

Finally after about an hour Siri came to the rescue, bless. From her directions we’d be back to the car park just after 5.00. And the Mundaring Weir pub, just down the road!!

Sitting by the lovely big log fire eating dinner we realized we took the first track on our left instead of walking a little further on and taking the second track to Paten’s Brook. I accept total responsibility as I put the Walk book away thinking we were following the Wagyl!! And of course there was the matter of not telling anyone of our plans.

Leaving the pub Lisa rang her partner and her gorgeous man replied with, “I stopped drinking an hour ago in case I’d have to come looking for you”. What a man!

Living Yoga Off The Mat

In life when we are put under pressure or in an uncomfortable situation it can bring out the worst in us. As someone (whom I’m told) embodies the essence of yoga, I always try hard to not allow high pressure situations to get to me. Quite literally I let all stress wash off me like torrential rain running down a gum tree!!

I look forward to sharing more ‘Travelling Yogi Tales’ with you!

Keep smiling

Jen x

Jen Kaz is a QiYoga Instructor (QiYoga is the gentle fusion of chi-gung* with classical Hatha yoga and meditation.
* Traditional Chinese tradition alleviating stress, anxiety and clearing blocked energies)

Jen is also a Yoga Mentor for QiYoga® Teacher Training, Yoga and Meditation Retreat Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, Fertility Yoga Instructor, Seniors Yoga Instructor. Jen teaches yoga classes in Cottesloe, Subiaco and Vic Park

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