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Study Tips

How to make study (or learning something new) more effective

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When you are learning something new you want to be able to retain what you read and there are effective study tips that can help you save time and enjoy better memory recall during times of stress.

See our helpful tips below!

Yoga for study

Any inversion (where your head is below your heart) will stimulate a rush of blood to the brain. This sends fresh oxygen filled blood to the brain helping you to feel more alive, alert and able to improve your focus, concentration, memory and memory recall. It is also better for you than a cup of coffee. (Plus it keeps wrinkles at bay!)

QiYoga Dolphin Pose

Dolphin Pose – The beginner level pose to prepare you for Headstands and Handstands

Try these study tips

The more you use visuals and feelings the easier information will be retained and recalled.  Try these sense stimulators:


Listening to classical music (I found Vivaldi to be most effective) whilst studying

Colour Therapy

Certain colours stimulate different feelings.

Red will help improve focus and concentration.

Yellow stimulates intelligence and mental clarity.

You can apply this by studying in a yellow room, sitting on a red cushion, etc.

See more details below:colour therapy wheel



Write and read notes written in blue and black pens only.  Your brain finds these colours easier to retain.

Writing on yellow paper is also beneficial, especially for people with dyslexia.

Scents – Essential Oils

Lemon and basil are brilliant to use to keep the brain stimulated and your retention strong. However, when you blend three essential oils together they become 11x more powerful. You may like to add rosemary to the blend (for an earthy fragrance) or orange (for more of a citrus blend) or vanilla (for a more ‘full-bodied’ fragrance).

If you are placing in an oil burner or a vaporiser try to invest in 100% organic oils, that way you can get it on your skin without worrying about a reaction.

Remember to stay calm!

Now you can learn how to breathe deep so you can improve focus via our page on breathing and mindfulness here

meditation with Jen - QiYoga Subiaco


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