Spring and the Effect on our Emotions – Yoga off the Mat!

Spring and the Effect on our Emotions

As I continue with some more ‘yoga off the mat’ support I thought I would highlight the effect that Spring has on our emotions!


Spring has long been associated with growth and renewal and this couldn’t be further from the truth as my son and I experienced when recently travelling from Perth to Carnarvon via inland roads.

Travelling Perth to Carnarvon – What to See and Do

Leaving Perth early we arrived at the wheat belt town of Coorow mid morning. We learnt that the town comes together to plant and harvest a paddock of wheat. When the wheat is sold the money goes back into the community.

What a gem of a town is Coorow!

I understand the town owns the Coorow Hotel as a result! Leaving the Information Centre with map in hand we searched for the leschenaultia wreath flower. And there it was! Growing on the side of a disused gravel pit, in the middle of nowhere. This would have to be one of the most beautiful and interesting flowers ever!

We spent the night in Perenjori driving onto Morawa, Mullewa then to Geraldton for lunch arriving Carnarvon mid afternoon.


After a couple of days in Carnarvon my daughter-in-law with her two children and I left for the Kennedy Ranges about 150 kms east. Unfortunately my son couldn’t join us as he had work commitments.


I love the outback and one of the highlight for me being the 4WD across the wide, dry Gascoyne River bed. Tall, shady gum trees lining either side of the huge riverbed with a row of gums running down the centre.



Mookaite helps the wearer connect to the electromagnetic frequencies of the earth.  The earthy colours of oranges, yellow and brown represent warmth and emotion.

Someone with a balanced 2nd Chakra radiates warmth and is able to speak openly about their emotions.  I digress!


We entered the Ranges from the West and camped in an undesignated camp area. Trees were sparse and thinly leaved however as the weather wasn’t hot we remained comfortable. We set up camp then wandered off finding an old mookaite mine. http://www.outbackmining.com/mookaite This rare stone is only found in the Kennedy Ranges in Australia.


There’s something quite special having breakfast around a camp fire and when finished took a climb up through the Ranges. The Kennedy Ranges run north-south for about 75 kilometres and up to 25 kms wide. The ranges are surrounded by dry red sand with mainly spinifex however wildflowers flourish in August and September when there’s been a good rainfall.


Mid morning we retraced our track over the Gascoyne River to the Carnarvon-Mullewa Road taking us inland towards Gascoyne Junction. Several years ago Gascoyne Junction was pretty much washed off the map and I was interested to see the effects. There appeared to be nothing left of the original settlement as I could see a new school, hall, road-house and houses.

Refuelled we took the road to Mt Augusts about 400 kms east.

Arrived to a beautiful green lawned campsite surrounded by tall ghost gums.  It felt as if we’d camped at the very base of Mt Augustus however we were about 1 kilometre away.  Looking at pictures it looks like this huge rock jutting out of the ground however when closer it’s truly amazing covered with trees and shrubs growing out of red rock (geologists may call the ‘rock’ something else).


We managed a couple of walks, one being Edney’s Trail. This was a class 4 walk with shady gums and mulla mulla flowers along the paths. We needed to keep an eye on the markers as it was easy to stray. At the top of Edney’s Trail the wind was so strong that 7 year old Stella lost her balance!

A couple of shorter walks the next day to view Aboriginal engravings by the Wajarri people.

We sat around the camp fire on our the last night toasting marshmallows to the children’s delight.



I could’ve stayed days longer to absorb the awesomeness of the place.  Amazing!


Driving back to Perth several days later there was no chance of boredom.  The weather was constantly changing from warm sunshine to cloud cover and even a rain storm.  The beautiful display of white, yellows, pinks and purple shrubs and trees growing along the side of the Brand Highway was certainly a treat (decided to give Indian Ocean Drive a wide birth for now!).

When I arrived in Carnarvon I did a yoga class (as organised by the locals!) and when I returned to Perth 10 days later I dived back into teaching my students aged 30 – 70years old!

As a senior myself I really enjoy teaching people of all ages and fitness levels! Yoga keeps my mind and body fit, strong, balanced and flexible. It is never too late to start yoga. If you are interested in Seniors Yoga, try our QiYoga for Seniors DVD or come to my Perth yoga classes in Cottesloe or South Perth (Vic Park).

You may even want to come to my next Urban Day QiYoga Retreat (suitable for all ages!) and guaranteed to be a fun, uplifting day of yoga, chi kung and meditation, see more here…

True Tales of Living Yoga off the Mat

Written by Travelling Yogi and Inspiring Yogi  Jen Kaz

The pioneering teacher who brought QiYoga to Australia
Jen teaches hatha yoga and chi kung fusion classes in Cottesloe and Vic Park, Western Australia. Jen also runs yoga and meditation retreats.



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