Re-empowering Lifestyle Tips for Peace, Strength and Harmony

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Find Your Peace, Strength, Harmony and Balance Within

There are many weird and wonderful gifts Planet Earth has to offer that can incite feelings of joy, security and support.

When we are stressed we narrow our focus and perspective so it is easy to lose site of all the wonderful things on offer for us. When we learn to change our perspective we can be open to the flow of life.

Empowered lifestyle tips –

Helping re-define balance through peace, strength and harmony


Step 1

– Take a few deep breaths, guide your breaths to all areas of your body as you relax tension you may be holding across your abdomen, chest, shoulders, jaw, neck, mouth, forehead, arms, buttocks, legs se necesita receta para el viagra.

Now you have created peace within yourself 

Step 2

– Take a moment to reflect on all the times you have successfully dealt with overcoming painful events, trauma and stressful situations: how you have picked yourself up (not allowing yourself to be defeated by the odds and kept on going).

Now you can draw strength from your achievements 

Step 3

– Off the top of your head allow three things to pop into your mind that you are grateful for… Then feel the joy it brings you.

Now you feel abundantly joyful 

Step 4

– You are currently experiencing mindfulness, you are present in the here and now moment and this is the most powerful place to be.

Now you are experiencing mental balance 

– You are now embodying a state of harmony Your body can only experience one emotion at a time – you have mastered your mind and emotions

You now have to choice to stay mindful in this state or allow your “drama loving” ego self to bring you back to focusing on stress – that is your choice.

A fresh start and a beautiful new beginning - QiYoga Meditations

Want to build your intuitive skills? 

Feel it is time to strengthen your intuition or learn to act on your intuitive guidance?

We are all born with that 6th sense – our intuition, and just like our muscles, if you don’t use it – you lose it. However, because your intuitive abilities are ‘meant’ to be utilised (like sight and sound) it is really simple to re-connect to your intuition.

If you have had that feeling, (that inner knowing or heard that inner voice) warn or remind you to do something, but you did not? …Only to realise later that “you should have listened to your intuition”?

Then this is a sign your intuition is strong.

So why did you not follow your intuitive guidance system?

This is because your self confidence (stemming from your solar plexus) needs to be rebalanced and activated.

You can do this through specific meditations and QiYoga routines, like our Warrior Pose Sequence, here.

For more “intuitive building skills” book a one-off coaching session

The session will teach you empowering life skills you can apply on a daily basis
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Sessions are done with Fiona Kacz-Boulton (QiYoga founder) via Skype or telephone

£47.00/AUD$77.00 will get you: 

  1. Feeling more empowered
  2. Able to turn on your intuitive guidance system
  3. A deeper connection to your inner wisdom
  4. A practical way you can re-empower yourself through your solar plexus so you can build your self confidence
  5. Inner freedom to be able to heal yourself and get access to higher guidance in your life

Live in London?

London based clients you can upgrade to a 90 minute Body Balancing Energy Field Healing where you will learn all this and receive a healing for just £80.00 (Clapham Clinic only) or £125.00 in the Harley Street Clinic.

Need more help? We have fun, inspiring events!

Outdoor Yoga and Meditation QiYoga

Join a QiYoga Meditation Course

Come along to a Perth Perth Retreat

Contact us for details about London and Sydney based events

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