Pain Free Fertility (emotional, mental, physical release)

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Since being a fertility specialist in 2007, I have come across so many women who are struggling on their fertility journey.

Most clients come to me primarily for fertility yoga, however throughout the years it has become apparent if we do not address our emotions we can not always expect fast fertility success.

My bespoke fertility courses provide tools to listen to your body. Of course, the longer you work with me the deeper you go.

Check if you are in pain?

The following list of emotions are different forms of pain and each one of these emotions could be telling us there is something we need to learn to make changes in the way we create our life experience:

  • Anger

  • Irritation

  • Frustration

  • Rage

  • Anxiety

  • Tension

  • Fear

  • Terror

  • Sadness

  • Melancholy

  • Depression

  • Hopelessness

  • Powerlessness

  • Worry

“Our belief systems have taught us that they are a natural part of life, but they are not. They require healing. We also need to know how to not create them in the first place.” – Mike George

How can this pain hinder fertility?

Pain hinders fertility because these aforementioned emotional states prevent the body from thriving.

Solutions include:

Meditate – learn how to still your mind, here

Manifest – learn how to create experiences you do want, here 

Learn to cultivate life force energy through QiYoga – Combining Qigong with Hatha Yoga for ultimate healing, here

Our 100% natural fertility candles with pure essential oils – just £27.00. Click here to buy

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Our collection of books to help you move beyond negative mind sets, worry and despair – including our recipe book range.  
Click here for support materials on offer

Come to our Fertility Courses and Day Retreat Workshops in Harley Street, read more here

I am here to support you – contact me for a free 30 minute assessment/consultation.  Book your place via my online booking schedular here (open to both fertility and non-fertility clients)
– Namaste –

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