Living Your Life’s Purpose

In life, we are either growing or moving forward, or in a survival mode or stagnating going nowhere.

When we learn how to maintain a state of growth and do our best to stay out of survival mode, we are able to utilise more of our brain.

A little about our brain and what the different sections are responsible for –  

  1. Reptilian brain that controls our body’s vital functions including heart rate, body temperature, etc. It is also very rigid and we’re unable to think creatively when functioning from the reptilian brain;
  2. Limbic brain that is responsible for emotions and has a strong influence over our behaviours; 
  3. Neocortex is responsible for abstract though, imagination and consciousness. It is flexible and has unlimited learning abilities.

When stressed we’re in fight or flight mode and operating from the reptilian brain and unable to think creatively. We cannot make the best decisions to keeping us on path and living our life’s purpose! 

The key is to stay operating from the neocortex

To do that, we must try and live with less stress. Nowadays it is often a challenge as we’re continuously placed under large amounts of stress through news we hear or even simple tasks such as driving can be stressful.

The aim is to function from our neocortex, how do we do that?
  1. Avoid stressful stimuli – this includes the fear mongering perpetrated by the media, stressful relationships, unrealistic work deadlines
  2. Embrace calming activities – yoga, meditation, walking in nature or along the beach have each been proven to lower stress levels.  Look for yoga classes nearby, classes suitable for your level – beginners, seniors, fertility classes, stress management classes
  3. Have more FUN – chat with positive friends. Laugh, play! 
  4. Stop gossiping – ignore the negative Nancys. That which you fault in others is a reflection within yourself.  Next time you feel like talking about someone else, ask yourself what it is in you that you identify with the flaw you’re projecting onto them
  5. Get off coffee – as it’s a stimulant and puts your body into protection mode where you’ll operate from the lower levels of your brain.  Ever notice how after a cup of coffee you feel wired and scattered.  You have more energy however it’s misdirected…because you’re not operating from your neocortex!

A couple celebrating.

Action steps for living a life of purpose –

NOW is the time to make that change otherwise you’re going to continue operating from your reptilian brain and staying off  your path.  If you’re ready to live a life of fulfilment and living your purpose, take out a piece of paper and note down 3 things that you can do TODAY to reduce stressful stimuli in your life, and then GO AND DO IT!

The Final Word

In fact, why not email me, today – let me know what 3 things you’re going to do.  I’d love to hear from you!!

By Jen Kaz

– QiYoga Instructor, Yoga Mentor for QiYoga® Teacher Training, Yoga and Meditation Retreat Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, Fertility Yoga Instructor

Jen Meditating QiYoga Perth

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