LifeForce Foods for Wellbeing (health, vitality, happiness, fertility!)

LightForce Foods

Mushrooms_Light Force Food

We absorb life force energy via:

• Qigong exercises

• QiYoga exercises

• Meditation

• Being in the sun to absorb light

• Eating live foods that create light in the body

As light beings we need sustenance from lightforce foods

We are beings made of energy and to thrive require life-force energy.

This blog post is about Ligthforce foods. According to Graham Jevon, author of Biological Nutrition says “Lightforce food (food that emits bio photonic light un-restricted through bio accumulation) is trans-mutated from one light into a mass of life.” 

Graham Jevon’s research has determined what foods are best avoided and what are best eaten for optimal health and wellbeing.

True health is reflected in being happy, 

free of pain in mind, body and spirit 

A lifestyle of lightforce foods can help you break free from the effects of physical, mental and emotional stress and help you regain:

• Health

• Vitality

• Happiness

• Fertility

Foods to embrace 

Due to positive bioaccumulators

  1. All Other Fruits
  2. All Other Vegetables
  3. All Other Nuts (coconuts)
  4. All Other Seeds
  5. Seaweed
  6. All Other Sprouts
  7. Medicinal Herbs
  8. Mushrooms (such as white button mushrooms, to reishi and Chaga)
  9. Fermented Lightforce foods
  10. Sun Dried Sea Salt
  11. All Other Blue Green Algae, e.g. Klamath
  12. Flowers (edible)
  13. All Bee Products (from sustainable practices)
  14. Ormus Substances
  15. Pure Clean Spring Water
  16. Organic Food
  17. Bio-dynamic Food
  18. Wild Food
  19. Living Lightforce (= uncooked foods from this list)
  20. Positive Intentions
  21. Positive Thoughts
  22. Positive Affirmations
  23. Gratitude for your food (to tansmute the energy so you can maximise absorption of nutrients and lifeforce energy)


Foods to Avoid

Due to Negative Bio Accumulators

  1. Bananas
  2. Dates
  3. Pineapple
  4. Corn
  5. Kiwi
  6. Rice
  7. Potato
  8. Beans
  9. Lentils
  10. Unfermented Dairy
  11. Spirulina
  12. Parsnips
  13. Carrots
  14. Beetroot
  15. Himalayan Pink Salt
  16. Wheat Rye
  17. Flesh
  18. Eggs
  19. Cashews
  20. Tap Water
  21. Water From Plastic Bottles
  22. Spring Water or Mineral Water with mineral compounds higher than 50 parts per million (ppm)
  23. Sugarcane
  24. Agave
  25. Molasses
  26. Over cooked food
  27. Non organic food

Reasons Graham Jevon recommends humans avoid these foods

The foods that are not recommended for human consumption because they are of low vibrational substance. In addition it is because the sugars and proteins from these foods create:

• Mould

• Yeast

• Fungus in the blood and grow in our tissues

These things can detrimentally burden the liver, immune system and endocrine system “through biological transmutation and pleomorphism.” 

Grains form a mucous membrane in our colon which leads to inflammation and disease throughout the body. In Graham’s words “grains create a dis-biosis of the mucus membrane in the intestinal tract creating inflammation of the joints and tissue and above all else the intestinal tract itself.”

“The intestinal tract is the direct highway to the brain through the entire nervous system. The intestinal tract produces many neurotransmitters and other important biochemicals. The subtle energies of the food consumed eventually becomes an entire mind state through vibration, digestion, preparation and eventually ingestion.” 

When you embrace the Lightforce food lifestyle

When living in accordance to lightforce foods you are sustaining life for yourself and the planet. Any of the foods provided by Mother Earth that is grown naturally, can be foraged and not farmed is sustainable to the planet. They give rise to the hydrological cycle as it should occur in nature as we are not cutting down trees, polluting the soil with chemicals or over farming for the sake of greed.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food– Hippocrates

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