Positive Change with New Beginning

Ready to Create Positive Change with a New Beginning?

Have you ever felt stuck in a situation that you don’t particularly like and would like to change?

Here’s My Recipe for a Better You This Year

With the beginning of a new year I reflect on the year that’s been and look at ways I could maybe have improved myself, or made better choices or maybe not ‘wasted’ time.

With the New Year I set immediate goals; goals readily attainable and immediate. I also have my long term goals however I’m thinking that by setting daily goals I’ll achieve more and be more productive, which in turn will lead me to my long term goals.

How Thoughts Can Give or Zap Your Energy Levels

One such immediate goal is to accept past decisions and to leave them in the past! I realize I’ve wasted a lot of energy with my “if only”… And I’d hate for you to experience the same.

Our thoughts can either give energy or zap it, the choice is ours. I realize it is not always easy to think positive but it can be easy to stop your mind focusing on “if only’s” from the past

Sometimes I wonder, with hindsight, why I made ‘that’ decision however taking an honest look at myself and acknowledging and accepting previous choices helps me move on positively.

The New Year, along with each new day and in fact each new week, allows for new beginnings. Improving our relationships with people we encounter, be it in a social or work environment, as well as with yourself.

Let the past be, it’s gone, never to be had again.

Embrace this new year as it brings in new beginnings and new opportunities. Embrace every experience that comes your way, good or bad, become aware of what the universe is teaching you!

Oh yes, and remember – I AM.

Become aware of all your thoughts as they enter your mind (what’s the repeated story you’re hearing over and over?), as well as the words (and tone) you speak

and your actions. Be mindful of, I AM, the two most powerful words in the world.

The universe will provide whatever it is you request however the universe is unable to tell a negative from a positive – think and be positive!

My Wish for You

Enjoy this New Year with all its New Beginnings.

I am launching Chakra Yoga and Chakra Balancing Consultations this year to help my students take charge of their thoughts, emotions and their body.

Call me to find out more, or come experience it at my yoga urban day retreats and yoga classes – 0407 190 194

Jen xx

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Written by travelling and inspiring yogi Jen Kaz
Giving you tips for living yoga on and off the mat!

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