Dissolve Stress To Boost Fertility

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I have been a yoga teacher since 2003 and taught people how to become QiYoga teachers since 2006. One of my modules included stress and how it effects people’s physiology.

Now that I commit my time purely to facilitate fertility I feel you others with fertility issues could benefit from this information too.


Why fertility meditations enhance fertility by dissolving stress

When trying to conceive it can put you in a state of non-stop stress. The pressures, fears and frustrations associated with fertility can burden your mind and emotions, in turn taking its toll on you physically.

Did you know that taking just a few moments to clear your mind

and relax can reduce stress

and induce a peaceful state of mind

and wellbeing throughout the body?

If you are a woman under constant stress your body will be producing prolactin, cortisol and other hormones, which may interfere with ovulation? In some cases it can even block regular ovulation.

If you are a man under constant stress, the knock on effect of elevated levels of hormones such as cortisol may lead to an inability to sustain an erection. Neither case is going to be ideal for conception.

Meditation can keep our busy mind still, improve our thoughts (from a state of fear and anxiety to peacefulness and feelings of being in control) and ultimately be the first step in manifesting your pregnancy and enjoying your fertility journey. Meditation has been proven regulate stress levels.

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