Creating Positive Change

Creating Positive Change

Do you wake up naturally each morning or is it the buzzing of an alarm that wakes you?

Do you bounce out of bed to begin your day, or is it an effort as you continue to press the snooze button?

Do you drift in and out of quiet slumber and allow your thoughts to come and go until fully awake?

Read on….. to discover how to get the best out of each day

The following are ideas to help you set your day off feeling alive and full of energy. –

1. Once out of bed take a few minutes to breathe in deeply as you fill your lungs with fresh oxygen. Take just as long to exhale as you did inhale, releasing stale carbon dioxide and allowing room for more fresh oxygen (prana, your life force!).

2. Take your arms out to the side as you lift your arms high and interlace your fingers as you stretch tall, touching the ceiling! Breathe out as you bend to the right from your waist. Breathe in as you slowly come back to centre reaching even higher with your interlink fingers, and then breathe out to the left. Just a couple of times to move the diaphragm and stretch your intercostal muscles.

3. Our body releases toxins (ones eaten, breathed in or drunk) through our tongue (and feet too) so give your tongue a good scrape with a tongue scraper, or toothbrush. I have about 500 mls of water first thing with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Our body needs rehydration after a night’s sleep and with the lemon juice activating the digestive system. I understand our ancestors drank from naturally filtered running streams and drank cold (as it would’ve been) water. I’ve read that drinking cold water kick starts the metabolism however I generally drink room temperature water.

4. Take a walk! Get those muscles stretching and those hips moving!! Breathe in fresh air, that we’re so blessed to have. A brisk 30 minute walk will get the heart pumping, awaken your senses and stimulate peristaltic to get things moving (imperative for long-term health).

5. The dawning of each new day brings new opportunities. Be mindful of what you have and thankful for the abundance of blessings. Take a couple of minutes to meditate (or longer), intentional breathing or a couple of yoga asanas as this creates a biochemical shift in your body to deliver emotional balance.

6. Expand your brain either practicing brain training exercises, and/or listen to positive and inspirational messages early on in your day. Massage your brain with exercise. Listen to podcasts while driving, better than the ads or news!

7. Make time to meditate – meditation is the best medication.

Of course there’s a myriad of ‘things’ you could do to start your day, not only with my suggestions above, but try journaling five things you’re grateful for, planning your day and know what definitely needs to be done. With a plan should something unexpected crop up you’re then in a position to make an informed decision on how to deal with it, which means less stress.
Following this regime daily I’m sure you’ll be amazed at how your days and weeks unfold and how much more you’ll achieve. However consistency is important as you’ll create positive habits laying a firm foundation for enhanced physical, emotional and mental health care, which in turn creates a ripple effect into every aspect or your life. You’ll shine like a shining star!


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Jen xx

The Inspiring Yogi

Written by travelling and inspiring yogi Jen Kaz
Giving you tips for living yoga on and off the mat!

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