Candle Gazing Meditation

Could this be the easiest meditation EVER?

We all want to harvest the harmony and healing that meditation has to offer and this seems to be the easiest and most effective way of meditating

Candle Gazing

Step 1: Sitting with your spine straight and your back supported by comfortable cushions. You can either sit in a chair with your with feet flat to the floor, hip width apart or sit in yoga lotus position.

Adopt a mudra (hand gesture) that sends electro-magnetic signals to be released in your brain.

Lung Mudra – 

QiYoga Evening Meditations Cover _New

Have your palms facing upwards and connect your tips of the thumbs to the tips of the ring fingers

BENEFIT: To your to release excess fluid and emotions of sadness and grief from your body

Diamond Mudra –

QiYoga Morning Meditations Cover_New

Sit cross-legged with thumbs at navel and index finger tips touching creating a diamond shape with palms

BENEFIT: A Qigong Mudra that rewards the meditator with a greater connection to wisdom in their life

Fertility Mudra –

Yoni mudra

Have your fingers interlaced, except for your top pads of your index fingers that are extended and pressed together

BENEFIT: Sends life force energy (qi) and blood flow to the whom

Learn other mudras on the QiYoga Meditation Courses, click here

Step 2: Gaze at the candle flame that has been positioned slightly lower than eye level directly in front of you, so that your eyelids are comfortably half closed as you connect to the flame.

Step 3: Breathe deeply by evenly inhaling through both nostrils, keep breathing until you feel all four sides of your ribcage expand. Then exhale evenly through both nostrils for as long as you can – keep breathing out until there is no more carbon dioxide left in you and your belly has been completely sucked in toward your spine.

Step 4: Repeat seven times, ideally breathing in to the slow count of seven and exhaling to the slow count of seven. Breathe gently so you can extend your breath (called Pranayama in yoga). Ensure you match the duration of your inhale and your exhale.

Step 5: At the end of your seven rounds of seven breaths close the eyes for as long as you can, connecting to the image of the candle flame at your third eye region (behind the centre of your forehead).

Step 6: When the image disappears you can open your eyes and reconnect to the candle flame for a few deep breaths then close your eyes again. Your goal is to have your eyes closed longer than they are open. During which time your body is naturally able to restore health and harmony to your mind and body. You will feel deeply relaxed after the candle Gazing Fertility Meditation but after a stretch and some fresh, clean water you will feel energised and balanced.

Can be effective via a 5 minute – 20 minute daily practice

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