How to be the best at yoga. Banish 4 yoga myths with these tips

How to be the best at yoga! (Banishing the 4 yoga myths!)

For some reason, for some people, yoga doesn’t seem to inspire the devotion or the peace that it intends to promote, but fear and intimidation instead.  Are you one of those people?  Do you think that you’ll never be ‘good enough’ to even start, let alone, enjoy, yoga?  Do you think you’re too old, stiff and inflexible?  Do you think it’s for young, thin and beautiful bendy people?  Well, you’re wrong!

While you might see many flexible people on the mats in your classes, who can seemingly bend and twist into every shape, standing on their heads and making their toes touch their noses without flinching, yoga is about breath, first of all.  It is about you and finding your own space in the world.  It is about taking time out for you, putting everything else second in the world, for that hour or 90 minutes, so that you can focus, concentrate, dedicate to yourself and enjoy just being you.  Just breathing deeply, focusing on the in and the out of the breath, is really the best way to ‘do’ yoga, especially at the beginning.

Yoga is for anyone and everyone who wants a bit of peace in their world and a bit of love given to their bodies.

Yoga Myth #1

It is a myth that many people need to be flexible to practice yoga

Flexibility is only one small aspect of yoga and by way of improving our flexibility we are opening up areas of our body, building strength and freeing our mind to narrow thinking.  So it is only one part!

Yoga Myth #2

It is another myth that yoga is about looking and being ‘good’

This myth must be shattered because yoga is really not about ‘looking good’ or turning yourself inside out to look like a stick-insect.  Admiring a challenging pose in a magazine or seeing someone impressive on the mat doesn’t make him or her any better at yoga, because everyone and every body is unique.  Yoga is all about the individual and you ‘do’ yoga well, when you truly understand that being on the mat is the time to leave all insecurities, concerns, worry and anything else behind.  The time on the mat is all about you only.

Yoga Myth #3

Another myth to shatter is that there is only one type of class

If you’re finding it difficult to find a class you’re comfortable in, then keep trying. There are many types of yoga nowadays from hard-core workouts, yoga in hot and sweaty rooms to gentle, restorative yoga and of course not one size fits all.

My Yoga Tip

I suggest that you stick with the same class for at least three sessions

The first time in class, you’re familiarising yourself with the teacher’s voice and instruction.  On your second attendance you’re likely to feel more comfortable as surroundings become more familiar, and by the third class you’re either hooked or realise you’d like to try somewhere else.

Yoga Myth #4

The final myth to shatter is that yoga is something to ‘do’ well

Instead, it is a private conversation with yourself, with your body and your spirit.  It is an on-going journey with no final destination apart from creating and finding more peace, calm and relaxation in your life, your mind and your soul; there is always something new or something different to learn and just showing up with the best intention to get the best out of the class, is the best way to ‘do’ yoga.

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