4 Easy Yoga Moves To Give You More Energy & Change Your Life

Yoga Can Change Your Life

Ask any yoga-fan, they will confirm that yoga really can change your life. It is not just about bending, stretching and balancing your body… It is about massaging your organs, turning off stress, turning on energy and in the meantime toning your body and stilling your mind… Yes! Yoga is a mindfulness practice – it is a moving meditation.

I know we are all busy and nowadays we just want our exercise to fit in to our busy schedules in order to make the time to do it daily.

So… Here are:

4 Easy Yoga Moves To Give You More Energy!

QiYoga Legs Up The Wall Pose

Let’s start with a super easy yoga pose that you can do to help you re-charge your batteries! It is so easy! (You don’t need a mat underneath you either).

Legs up the wall yoga pose

This yoga pose assists with relaxation, reduces swollen feet and ankles and gives your Achilles, hamstring and glutes a lovely stretch to release lower back muscles.

The QiYoga Legs Up the Wall Pose also helps get rid of spider veins and reduce varicose veins (but must be done daily for a minimum of 5 minutes).





Twisting & Tapping for Energy

The “washing machine” is great to get the blood flowing assisting in removing waste throughout the spinal column.  It also works on massaging our digestive organs, relieves intestinal congestion, improves flexibility, calms anxiety and releases tight back muscles.
This video also shows you how you can tap your body to really boost your energy reserves! It helps to loosen the body before doing deeper yoga postures. Great for seniors!!

If you want more information about yoga for seniors, click here.


The QiYoga Standing Forward Bend

Standing forward bend

The QiYoga Standing Forward Bend helps to release stress, improves blood flow to the brain and facial muscles (keeping us gorgeously young), allows our hamstrings, glutes and lower back muscles to stretch helping to improve our immune system.

Click here for a link how to do a Standing Forward Bend like a pro (from beginner and intermediate level to p
ro level!)




QiYoga Dancer Pose (Upward Pulling Bow Pose)

Benefits of Balance Yoga Poses

A balance yoga pose of any sort… Maybe tree pose, or just stand on one leg.  You could always try balancing while putting socks on!

Illustrated to the left with the QiYoga Upward Pulling Bow Pose.

This pose is easier to do than the Full Dancer Pose and is really good for stabilising the mind. It releases tight quads (front of your thighs), releases upper back, mid back and lower pack tension. It especially releases tension in shoulders and hips. It leaves you feeling ALIVE.

Click here for a link to guide you step by step how to do this Upward Pulling Bow yoga pose (to help you build up to the Dancer Pose)

If you are trying to conceive this is a great fertility yoga pose.

One of my favourite balance poses is the Eagle Pose… See me pictured below!


Want to learn how to do this yoga pose too?

Simply click here.


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